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Here you will find my past and present work. Enjoy!!!

Judge Roy Bean Bowie
Blade: 12 1/2" long ladder patterned 1084 and 15n20 damascus
Scales: Removable blackwood grips checkered by Gary Goudy
All fittings: Stainless Steel
Engraving: Jere Davidson
Sheath: Claude Scott custom sheath with alligator inlay
Other: 17 3/4" OAL

GoldRush Bowie
Blade: 10 1/2" Mosaic damascus of 1084 and 15n20
Scales: Amber dyed Sambar Stag
Guard, spacers and frame: 1018
Liners: 416SS
Goldsmithing: Gold filled pins and 24 carat gold plated nugget spacer.
Engraving: Jere Davidson
Sheath: Paul Long custom sheath with alligator inlay
Other: 15 3/4" OAL, Take-down construction

Mayhem Bowie
Blade: 9 1/4" Laddered 1084/15n20 Damascus Blade
Scales: Pre-ban Bark Ivory
Frame & Fittings: 416SS
Engraving: Jere Davidson
Sheath: Paul Long

Port Royal - 36 caliber front loading pistol/folder
Blade: 6" Damascus Blade
Scales: Pre-ban Ivory
Display Box: Velvet lined red mahogany oval shaped box with the lift out tray and cleaning/shooting tools underneath
Engraving: Brian Hochstrat
Awards (pre-engraving): "Best Folder" and "Best of Show" at the 2011 Rocky Mountain Custom Knife Show, Boise Idaho
Awards (post-engraving): Brian Hochstrat took it to Reno and won "Best Engraved Handgun" at the Firearms Engravers of America Show FEGA
Awards (post-engraving): Bruce Bump won "Best of Show" at the AKA Show in Little Rock
Chuck Ward Photo

The Hideout Bowie
Blade: 9 3/4" "W" Mosaic Damascus
Guard: Walrus Ivory
Guard: Stainless
Rear Bolsters: Stainless
Engraving: Jere Davidson
Sheath: Pig skin covered fiber glass sheath with a soft leather liner and also has tig welded stainless steel throat and tip
Folder: he bowie's handle stores a matching blade steel slip joint folding knife. Simply press a button on the bowies pommel and the small folder will pop out in your hand. It is also fully engraved to match the bowie.
Chuck Ward Photo

The Cancer Fighter - Fundraiser Knife
Blade: 9 3/4" “Flipped W” of 1084/15n20 Damascus
Handle: Premium Blue Mammoth ivory
Sheath: Steven Rapp
Engraving: Brian Hochstrat
Sheath: Steven Rapp
The Build Thread on CKCA
Chuck Ward Photo

The Judge
Blade Steel: Twisted Mosaic of 1084/15n20 w/ convex/hollow grinds
Blade Length: 12 3/4" oal: 18 1/2"
Frame: One piece of 1018 steel contoured, drilled and hollowed
Scales: Ancient Walrus
Sheath: Fiber glass w/leather liner and cover, 1018 throat and tip
Engraving and Gold inlay: Jere Davidson
Case Hardening: Doug Turnbull
Sharpbycoop Photo

The Newell Set

  • Bowie

    • Blade Steel: 9" W Pattern Damascus, 13.5" OAL

    • Scales: Jigged Amber Stag

    • Notes: Framed Takedown Handle

  • Pistol

    • Barrel: 5" .45 caliber muzzle loader

    • Grips: Jigged Amber Stag

  • Complete set housed in a Koa Wood case

  • Engraving by Ken Hurst

  • Hot Gun Bluing by Doug Turnbull

  • Sharpbycoop Photo

Allan Pinkerton Bowie
Blade: 9.5" Feather pattern Damascus (1084 & 15N20), 13.5" OAL
Scales: Amber Stag w/ 18k gold pins
Fittings: 1018
Frame: One piece takedown frame in 1018
Other: Sterling silver coin edged washers
Engraving: Ken Hurst
Sheath: Paul Long
Sharpbycoop Photo

Justice Bowie
Blade: 7.5" Feather Damascus (1084 and 15N20), 12" OAL
Fittings: 1018 steel
Frame: Take down construction in 1018
Scales: Amber Stag
Engraving and Gold inlay: Ken Hurst
Sheath: Paul Long
Sharpbycoop Photo

Peace Keeper
Blade: 7.5" Winding Feather Damascus, 12 1/4" OAL
Fittings: Nickel Plated 1018
Handle: Black Walnut, Checkering by Blaine Barlow
Sheath: Robin Severe
Award: Best Fighting Knife, 2010 PKA Show, Denver, CO
Buddy Thomason Photo

Northest Trapper for CKCA
Blade: Two 3.5" slip joint blades in Feather Damascus
Liners and Bolster: 410 Stainless
Scales: Amber Stag
Chuck Ward Photo

The Doctors Bowie - 13" OAL
Blade: 7" W-2 w/ clay coated heat treat
Guard, Spacers, Bolster: 1018
Handle: Mammoth ivory
Engraving: Tom Ferry, MS
Other: take-down construction
PointSeven Photo

Tombstone Dagger - 16 1/2" OAL
Blade: 11" "Texas Wind" patterned Damascus from 1084 & 15n20
Fittings: 1018
Handle: Mammoth ivory
Sheath: Fiberglass layered on a leather liner, covered in book leather w/ 1018 throat and tip
Engraving: Ken Hurst
Other: take-down construction
SharpByCoop Photo


  • Blade Steel: Feather Pattern Damascus

  • Length: 5 1/4" Blade

  • Barrel: .36 caliber lathe turned cannon barrel mounted on 1018 frame

  • Scrim and Engraving: Jere Davidson

  • Photos Left: Bruce Bump

  • Photo Below: Point7

Tortuga II

  • Blade Steel: Feather Pattern Damascus

  • Length: 6" Blade, 13" OAL

  • Barrel: .45 caliber cannon barrel mounted on 1018 frame

  • Engraving and Gold Inlay: Tom Ferry

  • Grip Checkering: Blaine Barlow

  • Additional: Spring assisted blade with a specially design external locking system

  • Photos: Bruce Bump

Blade: 1/4" CPM S30V, waterjet cut, Paul Bos heat treat
Size (Large): 7" Blade, 12" OAL
Size (Small): 5 1/4" Blade, 9" OAL
Handle: G10
Sheath: Kydex with TekLock
Notes: Skeletonized tang and removable scales
Notes: Flat ground main bevel and hollow ground false or sharpened edge
Bruce Bump Photo

Gamblers Ring Dirk - 11 1/4" OAL
Blade: 7" 200 layer 1084/15n20 Texas Wind pattern Damascus
Guard and Pommel: Pure nickel
Handle: Pre-ban ivory, 72 domed nickel pins
Engraving/Carving: Tom Ferry basket weave carving and border engraving
Sheath: Fiberglass sheath w/ nickel throat and tip
Other: take-down construction
SharpByCoop Photo

Vegas Special
Blade: 4 1/2" long 1084/15n20 feather pattern Damascus
Barrel: 4140 steel with rifled liner
Caliber: 22 cal. black powder muzzleloading
Ignition: Under-hammer #11 cap
Bullets: 30 grain
Engraving: Jere Davidson
Bluing: Charcoal Bluing by Doug Turnbull
Grips: black walnut w/mother of pearl inlays
Bladegallery Photo

Tortuga - Ship Boarding Pistol
Blade: 11 1/2" 52100 forged to shape (17 1/2" OAL)
Barrel: 1018 Lathe Turned
Caliber: 25 cal. muzzle loading, black powder
Handle: Pre-ban ivory
Bolsters: 1018
Ram Rod: Stored in pommel
Image Top: SharpByCoop Photo
Image Bottom: Bladegallery Photo

Vigilante Bowie (from the Vigilante series)
Length: 13" OAL
Blade: 8 1/4" Wild Fire Damascus forged from 1084 & 15n20
Scales: Blue Mammoth Ivory Scales
Liners, Guard and Spacers: Stainless Steel
Take down construction
Point7 Photo

W2 and Koa Hunter

  • Blade Steel: Clay Coated W2

  • Length: 3 1/2" Blade, 8 1/4" OAL

  • Heat Treat: Clay Coated, W2 displays dramatic hamon and subtle banding

  • Handle: Curly Koa

  • Guard: 416 Stainless Steel

  • Photo: Mitch Lum

Blade: Twist Pattern Damascus 1084/15n20/nickel with spring assist opening
Frame: 1018 with rifled barrel liner
Scales: Pre-ban ivory
.22 Caliber Under-Hammer Gun, black powder, muzzle loading
Jere Davidson: Engraving, gold wire inlay and scrimshaw
Doug Turnbull: Color case hardening and charcoal bluing
SharpByCoop Photo

Bunting Bowie 12 1/4" OAL
Blade: 7 3/4" Forged 1065
Tang: 1065 Framed
Guard: Mosaic Damascus, Hot Blued
Handle: Sheep horn scales with red liners
Sheath Included
Bladegallery Photo

Quillion Dagger
Blade: Damascus
Guard: Lead Alloy and 1018
Handle: Preban Ivory with Stainless and Copper wire twist inlay
Bladegallery Photo

Brutus Axe/Gun

  • Date Completed: April 2006

  • Caliber: .38 Black Powder, muzzle loading

  • Ignition: Matchlock serpentine with folding trigger

  • Axe Blade Length" 6 1/2"

  • Overall Length: 29 1/2"

  • Axe Head: 1000 layer Damascus, 15n20/1084

  • Barrel: Twisted Damascus, 1084, 203E, 15n20 and 1018

  • Pommel: Bronze flared butt cap

  • Stock Material: Fiddle back maple

  • Fittings: Bronze


  • Barrel Boring: Mark DeHas

  • Engrving and Gold wire inlays: Jere Davidson

  • Silver Wire and Mother of Pearl inlays: Jay Hendrickson

  • Serpent design: Brian Bump

  • Hot bluing and color case hardening: Doug Turnbull


  • Matching powder flask

  • Bullet mold

  • Sterling Silver patch box

  • Ram rod

  • Screwdrivers (two)

Stag Fighter and Mini-Fighter
Blade: Damascus
Grips: Stag with engraved pins and fileworked spacer
Mitch Lum Photo

Outlaw Bowie

  • Blade Steel: Forged 52100 Blade from Rex Walter

  • Blade Length: 8" Blade, 12 7/8" OAL

  • Heat Treat: Triple Quench, Triple Tempered

  • Grind and Finish: Hollow Grind, Handrubbed

  • Handle: Pre-Ban Ivory, Certificate of Origin from David Warther Museum

  • Guard: "Bump Guard" blued with titanium spacer, Engraving by Thomas Moro

  • Sheath: Robin Severe, Rough Country

  • Other: take down construction

18th Century 'Tactical' Pistol Knife
Blade: ATS-34
Bolster: ATS-34
Comments: Lock-back folder with fold away trigger
Mitch Lum Photo

Pistol Knife
Blade:3000 layers of 1084/15n20 and pure nickel in a twist pattern
Bolster:same as blade
Scales:Pre-ban elephant ivory
Comments: Underhammer design cap ignition, .22cal black powder, ram rod in the handle, 14K gold plated trigger and hammer, engraving and gold wire inlays done by Jere Davidson.
Sharpbycoop Photo

Blade:Hot gun blued 1075 carbon steel edge with "Independence Day" Damascus forged from 15N20, 1018, 1084 and 4600E carbon steels along with pure nickel
Bolster:Carved and textured 1018 carbon steel oval guard
Scales:Pre-ban elephant ivory with a 1018 carbon steel cap and collar
Bladegallery Photo

Mastersmith Test Knives
Blades:Damascus Steel
PointSeven Studios Photo

Journeyman Smith Test Knives
Blades:Forged Carbon Steel
PointSeven Studios Photo

The High Roller
Blade:"Lazy Twist" patterned Damascus of 1084 and pure nickel
Bolster:same as blade
Scales:Sambar Stag
Bladegallery Photo

War and Peace Pistol Knife
Blade:Black nitre blued O-1 carbon steel
Bolster:Mosaic Damascus
Scales:Pre-ban elephant ivory
Bladegallery Photo

Fireblade Dagger
Blade:Mosaic 1084 and 15N20 Damascus
Bolster:Mosaic Damascus and Mother of Pearl
Handle:Copper and steel wire wrapped black goat leather
Bladegallery Photo

8 Bar French Dagger
Blade:Eight bar twist Damascus forged from 1084 and 15N20
Bolster:Sculpted mild steel cross guard with a lead alloy pommel
Handle:Stainless and copper wire wrapped around eel skin
Bladegallery Lum Photo

Cowboy Action Sheffield Style Bowie (Journeyman Knife)
Blade:52100 carbon steel forged to shape from 2" ball bearings
Bolster:O-1 carbon steel
Handle:Stabilized black walnut with a full exposed tang
Bladegallery Photo

The Prince's Dagger
Blade:Mosaic 1084 and 15N20 Damascus with a 1084 edge
Handle:Distal tapered brass underlay engraved by Tom Moro, overlaid with wire wrapped giraffe bone
Bladegallery Photo

Folding Parlor Dagger
Blade:Mosaic 1084 and pure nickel Damascus in floral patterns, gun blued with a high gloss finish
Bolster:same as blade
Scales:carved pre-ban elephant ivory
Bladegallery Photo

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